St Oswald church was built around 1720 and in 1800 a tower was added. Our ancestors would however not recognize the building as it now stands since the size was doubled in 1850 by adding a wing. By then all our direct ancestors had moved elsewhere. The red sandstone used to build it was quarried locally. Many of our records were written at this location and it is possible to pay respects to several of our ancestors whose last resting place can still be found in the cemetery next to the church. Amazingly they all had lived to be of great age.

Richard Lockley carpenter b 1776 d 1851 aged 75 ( to me – 5th great uncle)

Joseph Lockley wheelwright b 1728 d 1821 aged 93 (to me – 5th great grandfather)

William Lockley schoolmaster b 1774 d 1848 aged 74 ( to me – 5th great uncle)

Hinstock St. Oswalds
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