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Albert Stevenson’s short marriage

Recently I came across the settlement details of Albert Stevenson’s will. I was amazed to see that he was married shortly before the Penstone disaster took place. Aunty Mary had neglected to mention this in her notes. I have now ordered a marriage certificate so that I can pinpoint exactly when he and his wife…

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Sad News!

John Kenneth Marshall (aka Kenny) passed away peacefully in his sleep last thursday evening (18th of June). A few days earlier Kenny had been positively diagnosed with Covd-19. Our thoughts go out to his immediate family in these difficult times. Kenny’s research and writings have survived him and are still available for us all to…

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This time we really got him!!

Contrary to the post “We got him” it seems that not Hugh Grant but Mark Grant (Hugh’s son) was the father of Hugh Grant Forrester. Susan Mc Gowan has managed to locate St. Peters Liverpool baptism details for Hugh Grant Forrester dated 22nd of July 1872. These show that Mark Grant recognized Hugh as his…

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We got him!

Breaking news; “Yes ladies and gentlemen we got him.” Recently we received news that Hugh Grant Forrester’s probable father lived in Altrincham and was it seems a successful Clothier. To read the details go to PERSONS OF INTEREST – Hugh Grant

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A day to remember!!

Yes, in the true spirit of John Stevenson Eef & Sven Stevenson successfully navigated their way to the altar on Saturday 13th of July 2019.

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