The Lockley’s were a very important line of the Stevenson family and is the easiest line to follow back to the 17th century. The Lockley connection records were mostly recorded at St. Oswalds church in Hinstock. The church is well worth a visit and several of our forebears’ gravestones can still be found there. They seem to have been very successful carpenters and wheelwrights although the last male Lockley in our line was a farmer / publican. Which explains a lot.

Anne Lockley (1812 – 1880), in particular, played a significant role (her role is explained on a separate page) She married 3 times and her last daughter Maria Wycherley married Mark Grant in 1869. It was Mark Grant who a few years later was to become the father of Hugh Grant Forrester (alias John Stevenson).

Hinstock St. Oswalds
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