The Lockley’s were a very important line of the Stevenson family and is the easiest line to follow back to the 17th century. The Lockley connection records were mostly recorded at St. Oswalds church in Hinstock. The church is well worth a visit and several of our forebears’ gravestones can still be found there. They seem to have been very successful carpenters and wheelwrights although the last male Lockley in our line was a farmer / publican. Which explains a lot.

Anne Lockley (1812 – 1880), in particular, played a significant role (her role is explained on a separate page) She married 3 times and her last daughter Maria Wycherley married Mark Grant in 1869. It was Mark Grant who a few years later was to become the father of Hugh Grant Forrester (alias John Stevenson).

Hinstock St. Oswalds
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Cool Timeline

Thomas Lockley 1st
Thomas Lockley 1st was baptized on 23 January 1602 in Sheriff Hales, Shropshire. He married Jane Keeling on the 20th of October 1617 in Newport, Shropshire. He died on 25 February 1666 in Sheriff Hales, Shropshire, at the age of 64.
Thomas Lockley 2nd

Thomas LOCKLEY 2nd was baptized on 27 March 1631, the son of Jane and Thomas.

He married Elizabeth Turner on 18 April 1669 in Sheriff Hales, Shropshire.

They had four children during their marriage. Thomas, John, Elizabeth and Anne.

Thomas Lockley 3rd

Thomas LOCKLEY 3rd was baptized on 1st of July 1672 in Sheriff Hales.

His wife was called Mary but I can’t find records for her.

In 1690 their daughter Anne was baptized in Clive (not far from Hinstock). Thomas’s profession is noted a as being CARPENTER.

Two years later their son Richard was baptized.

Richard Lockley

Richard Lockley was baptized on the 4th of September 1692 in Clive (only 5 kilometers from Hinstock).

He married Elizabeth Sandbrook in Hinstock on 1722.

Together they had four children Elizabeth (b. 1724), Joseph (b. 1728), William (b.1731) and Richard (b. 1734).

Joseph Lockley

Joseph’s parents were Richard & Elizabeth. He was baptized on the 14th of July 1728 in Hinstock.

Joseph married Ann Steel on the 22nd of September 1757 in Ann’s village church located at Drayton in Hales (7 kilometers from Hinstock). Joseph was registered as being a Wheelwright by profession.

Together they had 7 children

Thomas Lockley 4th (b. 1767), Joseph (b. 1769), Elizabeth (b. 1771), William (b. 1774), John (b. 1775), Richard (b. 1776) & Mary (b. 1780)

Thomas Lockley 4th

The parents of Thomas Lockley (4th) were Joseph Lockley and Ann Steel.

He was was baptized on the 8th of March 1767

In 1809 he married Mary Joy

They had only one child, ie Ann Lockley

Although this meant that the Lockley line stopped it continued to prosper via Thomas’s 5 siblings…this explains why so many Ann Lockleys can be found in the area.

Ann Lockley

Ann Lockley was born in 1812 to Thomas Lockley and Mary Joy.

She was an only child and being a girl was unable to continue the Lockley name. However Ann was very proud of her surname and decided to keep the line alive for as long as possible. Her solution was to give the Lockley surname as christian name to all her sons. This made it very easy to trace her through the ages. Thank you Ann.