Retracing our roots back to the 17th century involved hundreds of possible blood-lines to follow. To keep things simple I choose to only retrace the following.

Forrester: This was the family name recorded on Hugh Grant Forrester’s birth certificate (later he mysteriously adopted the name John Stevenson). I may one day investigate Hugh Grant Forrester’s most likely father (ie Hugh Grant ) but without a verifiable connection this may be misleading.

Lockley: One of Hugh Grant’s great grandmothers was born Ann Lockley. She looked after her granddaughter Harriet Forrester (Hugh Grant Forrester’s mother) when they moved to Liverpool. Looking at the records it is clear that she had a great deal of influence in the upbringing of Harriet.

Hampson: John Stevenson married Mary Ellen Hampson in 1906.

Jones: Amelia Jones was born in Liverpool and was one of Mary Ellen Hampson’s grandmothers.