Contrary to the post “We got him” it seems that not Hugh Grant but Mark Grant (Hugh’s son) was the father of Hugh Grant Forrester. Susan Mc Gowan has managed to locate St. Peters Liverpool baptism details for Hugh Grant Forrester dated 22nd of July 1872. These show that Mark Grant recognized Hugh as his son and (as was the custom) named him after his own father ie Hugh. at the time the scribe seems to have been confused and noted Hugh’s Christian names as Hugh Grant and his surname Grant instead of Forrester. The address noted was that of Mark and his wife Maria. Harriet was living in cheapside with her grandmother Ann Stirrup (nee Lockley). The fact that Harriet was deaf & dumb may have been the cause of the confusion. Hugh Grant Forrester’s birth date was noted as being 7th of June 1872 but according to his birth certificate it was 7th of July. Little wonder that this document remained hidden for so many years.

I wonder if Hugh was aware that Mark Grant had recognized him. Hugh may have had vague memories of him, unfortunately Mark died in 1876 when Hugh was about 4 years old. About 8 months later Harriet and little Hugh ended up in the workhouse.