Thomas Wycherley and Ann Martin already had 3 children when they married on the 12th of January 1845. The marriage took place at st. Peters parish church on Church street (later demolished and replaced by Woolworths). Unfortunately Thomas died within 4 months and was buried in Much Woolton, where he was probably employed in the sandstone quarries as stonemason. Strangely Ann’s father is named as being Thomas Martin. and that she is a spinster. In fact she was previously married to Thomas Martin and her father’s name was Thomas Lockley. Note the witnesses are the same as when Ann later that year in November married William Stirrup. Notably the registration of her marriage with William Stirrup does correctly state that she is a widow and that her father was William Lockley (see Mill street for details of marriage with William stirrup). Regards Lambert street this still exists in part, the other part is currently a car park area.

Ann Martin marries Thomas Wycherley 1845 in Liverpool

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