When Ann Wycherley married William Stirrup on November the 7th 1845 they lived in Mill street east. Later records indicate that this probably in dwelling located in one of the courts on the east side of Mill street. Unfortunately Mill street is very long (but in this period not quite so long) and so a more precise location is not possible.

1845 – Notice the names of the two witnesses, yes it’s the Davies family once again. St John the baptist church was built as a chapel in 1832 on the junction of Park road and Park street. It was demolished in 1960.

1851 – The address is more precise in this record ie. 6 court. William Stirrup had died in 1849 and Ann had reverted back to using her married name Wycherley. This was probably to avoid confusion as her two sons George & James Wycherley were still living at home. She is registered as Dressmaker. The big mystery is “Where is Maria Wycherley she would be about 10 in 1851”? Possibly she had been sent away from home left to go into service (living in) as a scullery maid or similar: it was quite common in those days for ten year olds’ to be sent out to earn their keep.

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