In 1880 when Harriet Forrester married George Fowler they lived in Northampton street (judging by records probably in one of the tenements). Harriets brother and his wife lived around the corner in Lower Milk street and were witnesses. St Paul’s church was located on the other side of Exchange station. Like so many other Liverpool churches it was demolished. It’s last years were far from glorious, it closed in 1901 and was then left derelict for 30 years only being demolished after a young boy fell to his death from the roof. Northampton street has completely disappeared. It was located where now now the east section of Westmoreland drive can be found.

The census of 1881 reveals that Harriet was working as a dressmaker and that George was no longer working as a confectioner but was now employed at the docks as a wool sampler.

Marriage Harriet Forrester & George Fowler 1880
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